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Türkmenistan'daki Belavia havayolu şirketi

Airline "Belavia" - the leader of the passenger traffic in the Republic of Belarus. The basis of the airline based on the principle of creating a positive image, which is formed on the basis of safety, regularity and accuracy of flight operations, improving the quality of passenger service.

Türkmenistan'daki Lufthansa Havayolları

Lufthansa - flag carrier of Germany, Europe's largest aviakontserna including other major airlines such as Swiss International Airlines, Austrian Airlines and others. In general account Lufthansa flies to 78 countries for more than two hundred directions. Fleet all airlines, including subsidiaries and carriers, has about 620 aircraft.

Astana-baba Mozolesi

This monument of medieval Oriental architecture XI-XII centuries. All under the roof of the mausoleum is located five tombs that have emerged over the years, the mausoleum itself was not created at the same time, and gradually grow with new buildings. Very late is considered an extension room "Gyzlar Bibi", referring to the XVIII century, which is very popular among women pilgrims. The local population it is exactly mazar Astana-baba, the mausoleum of Ali Zaid brothers and Zuveyd Ali mausoleum and their wives - Kyzlyar Bibi.

The mausoleums Nadzhimetdin Kubra and Sultan Ali

The mausoleums Nadzhimetdin Kubra and Sultan Ali located in a Muslim cemetery, which was formed over many centuries around the ancient burial structures. Original and unique buildings Urgench, exceptional technical quality and great artistic effect to refer them to the best monuments belonging to the treasury of peoples and architecture here pilgrims from around the world.

The Mausoleum of Tyurabek Khanum

From the middle of the XIV century, when the Khorezm achieved almost complete autonomy in Urgench rights of local feudal the dynasty of Kungrad Sufis, which is associated with the world-renowned building Urgench, known as the mausoleum Tyurabek Khanum. Even after a century, the building of the mausoleum never ceases to amaze travelers precision molds and beauty decoration.