Social and Government services

Anonim Ticari Banka "Senagat"

The Bank has the brunch network in all the velayat centers, and also in capital of our country and the cities of Turkmenbashy and Serdar of Balkan velayat, 2 agencies and 4 points in capital and 5 points in velayats. The quantity of clientele served by bank makes more than 41 thousand, from which 90 % physical persons and private entrepreneurs.

Türkmenistan'ın Hidrometeoroloji Ulusal Komitesi

The National Committee of Hydrometeorology under the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan is a government body which carries out the state policy in the field of hydrometeorology and meet the needs of sectors of the economy, defense, and the people of Turkmenistan for information on actual and expected changes in meteorological conditions and their negative consequences.